A weekend in my city

A weekend in my city. It’s been a while since i wondered in the city to take pics. It was Saturday and the weather was gorgeous we were invited to a Birthday/Halloween party but i didn’t feel like going so i told my wife to go with the baby and that i was going to take a ride in the city and take some pics.

I prefer to take the train but didn’t feel like it so i drove and it really sucked cause traffic is horrendous in the city. Finally, i found a parking got my stuff together and i was on my way roaming the streets of Philly. I was taking in the view of the skyline and i forgot how much i really miss street photography which is how i started in photography.

Had my Sony A7RII loaded with the 24-70 f2.8 GM which i use pretty much for everything is a great walk around lens and can be a landscape too as well. I love this setup i also brought my manfrotto carbon fiber tripod a little bit on the heavy side next time i will bring my gorilla pod much lighter and easier to carry.

I wanted to do a bit of street but also a bit of the concrete jungle pics of the city so im posting some of them in this post i hope you enjoy them.

Thank You

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