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Latest shoot with Kira

Hey Guys, what’s up?!! I been busy shooting and editing hundreds and hundreds of pics from my latest shoots and meeting with models and potential clients. Had the opportunity to shoot with Kira she is drop dead gorgeous and shes such a good sport. We had fun doing this arcade […]

Latest shoot with Jordyn

Hey guys this is my latest shoot with Jordyn she is just gorgeous and im glad we got together to create these stunning images! Weather was overcast so we used an off camera flash for most of these photos and im really happy with how they came out. I will […]

Fall Family Portrait

Hey ya’ll. So i been doing these fall minis for about a month now and need to post them all eventually but here are some that i did the other day. It’s challenging to shoot kids but these ones are natural born models 🙂 pictures came out great and i […]

Latest shoot with Sami

We did something different with this photoshoot. We decided to go to the graffiti peer and set of some smoke bombs! It was magical and i love love love how these pics turned out. We had a blast doing this shoot and Sami well she is a natural!! Hope you […]

Latest shoot with Brittany

My latest shoot with Brittany was a lot of fun. It wasn’t planned or anything we said we would just get together grab some coffee and take some pictures. It was a nice warm and sunny day and we walked the streets of Media and had pumpkin spice latte’s. Check […]

Latest shoot with Nicolette

Hey ya’ll. Today was out shooting with Nicolette and it was a lot of fun!! We wanted to go for that fall/color vibe and i think we were able to achieve it well. I am super happy with how this set turned out and hope you like it.

Maternity Photoshoot with Emily & Kev

Hey guys!! Today i had a maternity photoshoot with Emily and her soon to be husband Kev! This was so much fun! I have never done maternity photoshoots but wanted to really try it! Em & Kev were super cute and had a blast doing it! Im posting a few […]

Latest shoot with Romario

Hey all im back with another set of this fun photoshoot i had with Romario. Romario is a fitness athlete and a personal trainer that dedicates most of his time to fitness. About this shoot we were thinking a fitness/lifestyle shoots. hope you will enjoy this set from Romario. Thank […]

Latest Shoot with Rachel

Ok so im back again with another shoot this time we wanted to go for a chill vibe lifestyle/fashion and i think the pics came out great. I traveled to Newark Delaware for this shoot first at a park nearby and than than some city shots ( i have not […]

Latest shoot with Ada

Hey guys. I’m back with some new content that you all will enjoy. This is the latest set i shot with Ada she is new to my page and she is gorgeous. This wasn’t a planned shoot just some walk around shots. It was late and light was gone at […]