Dance Photography Photoshoot

My Dance Photography photoshoot experience.

Hi Everyone. Is been a while since i updated my blog here just because life happens but here i am back again and i plan on updating regularly and maybe with some behind the scene video and tutorials.

This past weekend i had a very special shoot with Sammi. She is a dancer and wanted some portfolio shots of her. So we took it to the city i had a few locations in mind the light was beautiful after having rained for days it was that perfect day for photography.

I have never shot dancers before but i had so much fun doing it and Sammi is just drop dead gorgeous and makes my job easier.

I shot with the sony a7rii and mostly my 24-70 2.8 gmaster as my goal was not shallow depth of field i wanted to include more background into the shots. I also shot with the 50 1.4.

I will post some of the shots we took for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you and enjoy your day!!