Film is not dead

Film is not dead. In case you have forgotten how it all started let me remind you that it wasn’t always this easy where you took as many pictures as you wanted and transfered them to your smart phone via nfc or other means. It was the time when you thought hard about composition and iso and shutter speed. By the way im not that old but my first camera was a film camera a NIKON FM10 back in 95′ this was considered a professional level camera. It produced superb images with a bit of effort. I to this day have this camera and still use it around the house and will probably not hesitate to use it at paid jobs if thats what the client wants.

I get very nostalgic talking about that time in my life when i picked up this camera it was a beauty than and it is a beauty now. I develop my own film now really easy to do and scan it to convert it to a digital format for online posting, i have attached some photographs that i took around the house they may be a bit more grainy than i wanted them to be but i promise to do more shooting with it and bring you more film photographs.


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