Aerial art photography “Pole/lyra/silks/hammock”

Aerial art photography “Pole/lyra/silks/hammock” with these beautiful ladies performing aerial arts. Have never shot this type of photography before but i can tell you it is a lot of fun. We used David’s studio for the shoot and it was a blast i learned a lot about aerial arts “Pole/lyra/silks/hammock”.

The girls were phenomenal with their skills in the air, let me tell you i could not do that for 1 second but these ladies did it for hours. Big ups.

I will be posting some of the photos i took of them let me know what you think.

Everything was shot with my SONY A7RII coupled with the 70-200mm f4 – 55mm 1.8 – 24-70 f4 and a few manual lenses.

Thank You

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